Learning The “Secrets” of Beams


When we only want to put wood into work, we want our homes to have a natural warm feeling. Oak beams come into work when we want to have items that will last us a long time. Choosing the correct type of oak beams depends on the place you want to use it in. The timber that you will acquire to use in the living room will not and should not be identical to the one that you will purchase to use in the kitchen worktops.

The wood in your kitchen will be subjected to a lot of moisture and stress and this will change the way the old oak will be looking like in the near future. The timber will adapt to the conditions in the environment it is subjected in. As a result it would be in order and a good idea to ensure that the oak is treated and maintained so as to make it look good and appealing to a point where the changes that have occurred on the timber cannot be noticed. The oak must first be dried in the correct way so as to achieve all this.

The drying process has to start immediately the oak is fell. Branches from the tree have to plank out as soon as the tree is fell. Some breeds of the oak tree they be too tall and as a result have to be cut into two. The way we choose to dry the timber will be very important so as to make sure that no cracks form on the wood. Worktops cannot be made from broken wood so it should be prevented.
Sellers will give the oak wood different prices depending in the places they are located in the UK. Even if you want a large number of poles or a small number of poles in maybe to put above you water poles or just a limited number in your garden. This all can be utilized according to the location where the order is produced and the time the purchase is made. when the order is made then they can also cut freshly sawn oak beams.

Freshly sawn oak beams, also known as ‘green oak’ beams, start seasoning as soon as they are fell. Changes in color and the appearance of cracks and splits will occur during this drying process. At the rate of one inch per year the green oak tree will take approximately five year to fully dry up for proper use. The seller can get the green Oak tree for you if you want them for a project, you just need to order