Home Facial Treatment

The first step is to cleanse your face. How you do this is really a matter of choice, and sometimes, budget. There are literally hundreds of facial cleansers on the market, for every type of skin, but the prices can get quite steep. If you’re going to invest in a commercial cleanser, do some surfing for reports from magazines like “In Style”, which do surveys and performance comparisons of the leading sellers. Otherwise, go with a basic soap that does not dry and tighten the skin. Many women choose organic soaps that contain goats’ milk, which is less drying, and honey, which can help to retain moisture.

Next, you’ll need to apply an exfoliating scrub specifically for the face, and your skin type. Exfoliating the skin removes dead cells, opening up black heads, bringing natural oils to the surface, and allowing oxygen to reach the new skin. Depending on your skin type, you may need to exfoliate once a week for dry skin, twice for combination oily/normal, or three times for oily.

After you have rinsed off the exfoliating cleanser with water, you’re ready to steam your pores clean. Skip the commercial machines, and use a low bowl of water that has boiled, with a towel to create a tent over you head. Place your face about one foot above the bowl and hold it there for 10 minutes. If it feels like your skin is burning, you’re too close. This will open up your pores and help get rid of blackheads and pimples. Those with super oily skin, and excessive blemishes, should try a ten minute steam treatment every night. Splash your face with tepid water, and pat dry. Never use hot or cold, as it can damage capillaries in your skin.

Apply your choice of moisturizer, while the skin is still freshly damp. All skin types can benefit from moisturizers, although they should be the kind meant for your specific skin type. Moisturizer seals in moisture, and also attracts moisture to the skin. If your face feels taut, the skin is not moist. But overuse should be avoided as well, since it will clog pours and cause blemishes.

Knowing Skin Type

Finding the right products can be a constant struggle. Many offer quick fixes or cures for skin conditions. Most experts agree that a skin care solution regimen includes several basic steps. Cleaning your skin is an important first step to healthy skin. Finding a cleanser that fits your skin type is best. Toners are a more aggressive product while astringents are the strongest of all these types of products.

Moisturizing your skin is the third step in a skin care solution. Chilling your moisturizer in warm weather and warming the moisturizer in cool weather helps your skin to absorb the moisture more readily.

Another important part of a skin care solution is protecting your skin in extremely hot or cold climates. Extended sun exposure can lead to serious skin problems. A skin care solution can help ease the symptoms of various skin conditions. Dry skin, a common skin condition, can be caused by many factors. Dry skin can affect the entire body. Dry skin can be mild, moderate, or severe.

Finding the Right Products Will Help You Develop a Skin Care Solution
Lotions, balms, sun protect ants, cleansers, moisturizers, and many other products exist to relieve and cure skin conditions. Readily available products can often relieve most mild cases of skin conditions. Living with dry skin or other skin conditions can be annoying and frustrating. Finding the right skin care solution may take some time and effort; however, the benefits of working on your skin’s health far outweigh the difficulties in finding appropriate skin care products.

Create Sultry Smoky Eyes

What you need to get started:

Eye Primer

Loose powder

Dark Eyeshadow

Medium – grey eyeshadow

Black Mascara

Magic Lash Eyelash Enhancer

Now the idea is to be able have smoky eyes, yet not look so much like you forgot to take your eye makeup
off last night. Even though, that has been known as a turn on for a quite lot of men makes them wonder what you been up. To start creating the look you must have a base for it. This helps to keep the color in one place. Smooth on a eyeshadow primer, some say foundation is good to use as long as its color doesn’t take away from what you are
trying to achieve. Now pat on loose powder setting the base. The real secret to the smoky look is in the color eyeshadow you use.

Tips: If your eyes are blue and you’re blond, then go for greens
instead, the darker the better. If your eyes are green then go for blues again the darkest shades of blues you like. If your eyes are brown then you are just plain lucky with your choices of colors. Brown eyed ladies can try any colors you like. Now purple eyeshadow is a color that everyone can try. Just try it in Plum,
Berry and others like those.

Rim your eyes with a black or grey pencil drawing a line along both upper and lower lash line. Starting from inner corner of your eyes going outward starting a fine line going into
a heavier line as you draw outwards the outer corner.

If black or grey seems too harsh for the look you’re going
for, then try either dark brown, plum or taupe instead.

Apply a medium – grey eyeshadow all over your lids, stopping at the crease. Apply your dark eyeshadow into the crease, then take a angled brush and apply the dark eyeshadow onto the eyeliner
and then smudge it well with a cotton swab keeping as much of the color at the outer corner of your eyes. The angled
brush is great for getting eyeshadow up under your lashes on the bottom which in turn helps keep your eyeliner in place.
It’s the smudging that has got to be done carefully. The idea is to blend the eyeshadow and eyeliner together. If you wanted a more “feline” aka cat eyes then using a liquid eyeliner would be best.

Helping to contrast the darkness of your eyeshadow, sweep a pearlized ivory eyeshadow over your brow bones for a wide-eyed look. By applying a little at a time, you are building up the effort gradually till you like what you see.
Finishing off the look with one coat of black mascara, one coat of Magic Lash if you want super long,lush lashes to go along with this look, then one more coat of black mascara.

Dark colors trend to make small eyes look even smaller, you can open them up by lining the rims from the
inner to the center with a light-colored pencil, rather than dark pencil, pat on pale eyeshadow on the
center of each lid. That should cause the small eyes to seem bigger.

Contact Lens Cases

Caring for your contact lens and the contact lens case correctly is critical to maintaining the ongoing health of your eyes. By improperly cleaning your contact lens case, you are allowing harmful bacteria to build up on your contact lens. Given time, this buildup will begin to irritate your eyes. If left uncorrected, this can seriously damage your visual health.

To avoid this, simply cleanse your contact lens case according to the instruction given by the manufacturer. This will usually include rinsing the case out at regular intervals with a specified cleansing solution or using very hot tap water and then letting the case air dry.

Remember to only use commercial cleansing solutions recommended by your eye care practitioner. Homemade remedies fail to properly destroy the bacteria that are found in contact lenses (and accessories). One of the most destructive known eye infections comes from an ameba named Acanthamoeba. It enters the eye through failure to properly cleanse, handle, and store contact lenses and cases.

In addition to proper cleansing/disinfecting the contact lens case, most eye care practitioners recommend discarding your case every month or every three to four months. Although this may seem like a lot, most designer contact lens cases can be purchased for less than $10 with very basic screw-top cases being available for under $2.

Tooth Whitening

The least expensive and most popular cosmetic procedure is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening can be very effective in brightening stained teeth. There are essentially two techniques for whitening teeth. The first technique requires involves two office appointments [home whitening]. Impressions of your teeth are taken during your first appointment; these are used to fabricate custom trays that will hold the whitening gel in contact with your teeth. On your second appointment you return to pick up your custom trays and the whitening gel. Once dispensed, the patient applies the whitening gel at home as prescribed by the dentist.

The second technique is performed in little over an hour in the office with BriteSmiles’ patented teeth whitening procedure [in office whitening]. This procedure utilizes a light activated gel, which erases years of staining in just over an hour’s time. With the BriteSmile procedure it is not unusual to see patients whiten their teeth by as much as ten shades, the results are amazing!

Although teeth whitening will brighten your smile, the procedure does not address cosmetic issues such as gaps, crooked teeth, and tooth length.

Direct bonding is the placement of tooth colored material directly on the front surfaces of the teeth to cover stains and modify the shapes and spaces of mal-positioned teeth. Bonding is a relatively inexpensive procedure that usually requires one visit. The shortcoming of bonding is that it stains easily and is not very durable.

Given you are a good candidate, the best way to improve a smile is with the placement of porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth. Veneers can permanently eliminate stains on the front surfaces of teeth and can be used to change the positions of misaligned teeth to create that perfect smile. Although porcelain veneers require the removal of some tooth structure, it is considerably less than what is required for the placement of ‘caps’.
The advantages of veneers include strength, durability and long lasting aesthetics.

Just a note of caution here, not all dentists have the same training in relation to cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is not a legally recognized specialty, which makes you somewhat vulnerable. Any general dentist may advertise as a cosmetic dentist. It is incumbent upon you to make sure the dentist you select has extensive training in COSMETIC dentistry.

Protect Barrier Function of Skin

One thing is certain! Any modification in the skin barrier’s equilibrium may trigger different skin conditions such a dryness, itchiness or dermatitis.

Preservation of the qualities of the skin barrier became a necessity these days when we encounter so many pollution sources around us.In order to maintain a healthy and active skin barrier you should moisturize your skin on a daily basis.There are many important qualities that a moisturizer has to achieve in order to protect the skin barrier.

One of the important qualities of a moisturizer is to bring moisture and keep it there. For this purpose every moisturizer has to contain humectants, preferable natural, such as vegetable glycerin. The glycerin can attract water and trigger the elasticity of the skin.

Fatty acids on the other hand, have a major role in retaining the moisture in. However, a high concentration of fatty acids without any humectant in a skin care formulation increases the sensitivity of the skin barrier to different chemicals. For example sodium lauryl sulfate, one of the major ingredient in synthetic cleansers can easily penetrate the skin barrier in the above conditions, leading to cell damage. To strengthen the barrier function some fatty acids are more important than other. For example linoleic and gamma linoleic acids, induce the biosynthesis of ceramide , a skin barrier constituent , which improves radically the barrier function.

Another quality for a well formulated moisturizer is sunscreen protection. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, Vitamin E or Coenzyme Q have an important role in UV protection. However for a photoaging damaged skin these only ingredients are not sufficient to stop or reverse the aging process. Vitamin A is also required to enhance the biosynthesis of the new skin cells. On the other hand too high concentration of vitamin A can induce wrinkles.

To activate the skin barrier process of regeneration the most upper layer of the cells has to be removed periodically. The removal of the cells can be rapidly obtained by peeling procedure. The stronger the peeling procedure you choose the longer time is needed for the skin barrier to regenerate. By using mild peeling procedure the removal of the cells is limited to some extent to those cells ready to be shed. In this case, the regeneration is naturally occurred, is not induced or forced, this keeping the upper skin layer protected.

In conclusion: Don’t rush for a moisturizer, which claims to contain one extraordinary active ingredient!

One or even two active ingredients are not enough to provide a healthy skin and protective skin barrier. The active ingredients have to be as many as they can maintain all the skin needs for hydration, regeneration, rejuvenation and protection. The potential active ingredients have to interact with each other in a complete synergy to provide the maximum strengths and a high quality skin care product.

Don’t rush for an extreme peeling alternative. Look for a less aggressive, more natural way of improving your skin and strengthening your skin’s barrier function.

After all, your skin has to be prepared not for a moment of nice pretence, it has to remain healthy for your entire life.

Claudia Budu has a master in biochemistry and a Ph.D. in cell biology. Living in three continents: Europe, Middle East and North America she came in touch with different cultures and customs. Her hobby was to learn from every tradition how to use natural herbs and mixture of herbs to help revitalize the skin at any age.Everything that she has learned from others and with more than 20 years of scientific expertise resulted in creations of TelBari skin care products, the basic stone for a family business. TelBari is the Hebrew name for “Mound of Health” . The Company is keeping everybody busy in the family, her husband a mathematic addict and lover of “all natural”, her son a painter and philosopher and her daughter, a powerful example of reason to love life.

Choose Cologne

If you did choose your perfume or cologne based on the “sniff test” that you performed in the store on a variety of fragrances for sale, you may be surprised to learn that colognes and perfumes actually have three distinct scents. It is likely that you chose your fragrance based only on the first scent!

The initial sent is a sharp scent meant to be fresh and attention-getting. It is the first thing you smell within moments of applying your fragrance.

After a few moments, when the initial scent has evaporated, the main scent comes through. You probably don’t realize it because you are wearing it, but within 10 minutes to an hour of applying your perfume or cologne, the fragrance’s scent smooths out from the initial sharpness from the first sent and it this “heart” scent tends to give the biggest impression.

After the main scent, or “heart” scent, has evaporated, the remaining scent is called the base note. This third scent is a subtle, lingering scent and is usually much richer or deeper than the initial scent.

So the next time you go to buy perfume or cologne, find a couple that you like and spray them on the available cards. Then bring the cards with you as you leave the store! Once the initial scent has evaporated, you’ll be able to smell the smoother fragrances that belong to the “heart” of the cologne or perfume, which will help you form a wiser buying decision.

Buying cologne can be a lot of fun, but can also be an overwhelming experience with the amount of products available. Buying on first impressions alone is not a bad idea, since you have to smell yourself! But eventually, other people will have to smell you as well, so buying a cologne or perfume based on the “heart” of the fragrance will help you know how others will perceive your scent.

Tan Naturally and Safely

First, I want to stress that baking in the sun is out! Every time you go outside you are exposing your skin to the elements and risking damage and premature aging. It doesn’t matter how old you are, your skin type, or your location. Sun block with a SPF of at least 15 is a must for everyone. Apply it at least 30 minutes before leaving the house, and reapply often. Once again- lying out in the sun is not an option. If you do, you can look forward to:

o Getting wrinkly skin prematurely

o Getting sunburned or blistered

o Getting skin cancer

In fact, every year over 60,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed, mostly due to unsafe tanning practices.

Doesn’t sound like something that you want to experience? Well you aren’t alone. The next option you have is tanning beds. While tanning beds offer you a bit more control over your exposure rate, they still aren’t a valid option. The sheer act of tanning is damaging to your skin. So I would skip the tanning beds and search for something less damaging.

So what else is there?

Self tanners are perhaps your safest and best bet. Now, if you tried some of these products a few years back you may be skeptical about going back. Products of yesterday used to be streaky and fake looking. Luckily technology has played a huge role in the self-tanning market and has allowed manufacturers to create a product that rivals the look of a sun-kissed tan. The trick is to find a quality product and learn to apply it correctly.

Some tips for getting a perfect self-tanner tan are:

o Exfoliate! Basically what this means is remove the dead skin cells that can dull your complexion. Dead skin cells will suck up the self tanner and leave you looking streaky. You can purchase a loofah or exfoliation cream at any beauty supply store. One hot shower and a bit of scrubbing will leave your skin in perfect condition for self-tanner application.

o Make sure your skin is dry before application. Many people are quick to start applying the self tanner right after they exfoliate. This will lead to a blotchy result that will look unnatural. So step away from the shower, dry off thoroughly, and go watch a sitcom or two. That way you will be dry and ready to get a perfect tan.

o Buy a brand that you can see when you apply. There are many things that you will want to look for when choosing a brand. Finding one that is easy to see when you apply it will help prevent over application or missed spots. You can always go back and do touch ups once it has dried, but colored creams or lotions will help make your job a bit easier.

o Use gloves to prevent streaky hands. No one has to know that you self-tan! Prevent streaky odd colored hands by using surgical gloves when applying the tanner. Your palms will come out the right shade, and you won’t have to explain yourself for a week afterwards.

o Use less product on knees and elbows for even color. Your joints are usually drier and tend to suck up more self tanner than other areas of your body. Apply less tanner to these areas for an even look. Exfoliation will also help a bit, but always work on the side of caution.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Sagging eyelids can cause even more severe symptoms. For example, vision can be blocked by eyelids and eyelashes. This can be noted particularly when reading, but also for other common tasks as driving or watching television. Also, a tremendous amount of energy can be expended by the eyebrows and forehead just to keep the eyes open. A significant amount of fatigue can be felt around the eyes, particularly as the day wears on and these muscles tire of holding up droopy eyelids. Sometimes headaches are a direct result of baggy and droopy eyelids.

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty is also called cosmetic eyelid surgery or an eye lift. It is surgery performed on the eyelids to reduce puffiness and remove the excess hanging skin around the eyes. It gives the eyelids a more youthful appearance, reduces eye fatigue, and can help with vision.

For so many people cosmetic eyelid surgery is very exciting. In fact, cosmetic eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is the most popular cosmetic surgery performed every year. Many people have thought seriously about finally taking care of their tired looking eyes. Surgery performed by a cosmetic eyelid specialist with a great deal of experience is a fantastic way of finally taking care of the eyelids. Droopy, saggy, hanging, bulgy eyelids can be transformed to greatly enhance appearance and express to others true energy and vitality.

Info of Oily Skin Care

The basic aim of ‘oily skin care’ is the removal of excessive sebum or oil from the skin. However, oily skin care procedures should not lead to complete removal of oil. ‘Oily skin care’ starts with the use of a cleanser. However, not all cleansers will work. You need a cleanser which contains salicylic acid i.e. a beta-hydroxy acid that retards the rate of sebum production. Cleansing should be done twice a day (and even more in hot and humid conditions).

Most of the oily skin care products are oil-free; however, it is always good to check the ingredients of the product, before you actually buy it. This is especially important if a product is marked as ‘suitable for all skin types’, instead of ‘oily skin care product’. ‘Oily skin care’ is also dependent on the degree of oiliness, if you aren’t too oily, so some of these ‘suitable for all’- type of products might be work for you too. For extremely oily skin, only oily skin care products are suitable. Your oily skin care routine can include an alcohol based toner (for an extremely oily skin). This can be the second step in your oily skin care routine i.e. just after cleansing. However, excessive toning can harm your skin.

The next step in your oily skin care routine can be a mild moisturiser. Again, the degree of oiliness of your skin will determine whether you need to include this in your oily skin care routine. If you do decide to include a moisturiser, be sure to use one that is oil-free, wax-free and lipid-free.
You could also use a clay mask (say once a week) as an oily skin care measure.

As far as the oily skin care products go, you might need to try out a few before you arrive at the one that is really suitable for your skin.