Article Marketing – Boost Your Link Quality and Link Popularity

Article marketing is one of the hottest web site promotion strategies to get your message out to your target market. Did you know it also improves your link popularity and link quality? Read on to learn how these two offpage search engine optimization factors can be positively influenced by article marketing.

Search engine bots to scour the internet and index the vast number of web pages using complicated algorithms to determine the relevancy and ranking of each web site. One way to positively influence your web site ranking is through offpage search engine optimization tactics. Offpage optimization tactics focus on improving link popularity and link quality. Search engines use these two offpage optimization factors to influence your ranking. Generally speaking, link popularity refers to the number of links point back to your web site. Link quality refers to the importance of the web sites that are pointing to your website, whether the content of the site linking to you is related, and the anchor text in the back link. To improve your search engine ranking, boost your link popularity and the quality of incoming links.

Article marketing is a proven strategy for boosting your link popularity and link quality. Here is why. Each article you prepare for promotion will include a short resource box at the end of the article. This is where you should add at least one link back to your web site. Submit the article to multiple article directories and you receive a link back to your web site from each of those article directories. If other web site owners looking for content use your article on their web site, blog, newsletter or ezine, you will also get a link back from each of those sites as well. The more compelling your articles are, the more they will proliferate. As your articles proliferate, you get more back links. Think about it. This proliferation improves link popularity.

The second benefit of article marketing is to improve link quality. You can positively affect link quality through the article text and article resource box. Your article text should relate to your web site content theme and use your primary keyword phrases sparingly within the body of the article. Write articles on topics that are related to the theme of your website. If your website is about kitchen remodeling, publish articles about flooring, custom cabinets, countertops, lighting and other themes related to kitchen remodeling. Search engines will know these topics are contextually related or frequently associated with your primary theme of kitchen remodeling. You can positively influence the quality of the links pointing to your site in the resource box at the end of each article. There are two objectives you should focus on when writing the resource box text. First, include a catchy phrase that draws in the reader and encourage them to click through to your web site. The secondary objective of the resource box is to positively influence your link quality. This is done through the anchor text and words surrounding the anchor text. Anchor text is the text a user sees and clicks when clicking a link on a web page. Choose your anchor text wisely. It affects link quality. Vary the phrases in your anchor text to use theme related keywords and phrases. This will positively affect your search engine ranking for those keywords. As an example, if your website is about kitchen remodeling you want the anchor text to look like those below. (Note: replace the square brackets with angle brackets):

To take this one step further, use a variety of anchor text phrases relevant to your most important keywords. Too many links pointing back to your site that use the same anchor text may be interpreted as spamming by the search engines. Using the above example, alter your anchor text to include other related terms such as kitchen renovation, custom cabinets, bathroom repair, interior design, etc. You get the idea. Search engines will know these topics are contextually related or frequently associated with your primary theme of kitchen remodeling. This is how you affect the link quality during your article marketing efforts.

As you can see, article marketing can improve both link popularity and link quality. Improving these two offpage optimization factors should be part of your overall strategy to improve your web site ranking and maximize organic traffic. Get on the article marketing bandwagon today.

iConcept Media is the Marketing Company of the Future

Every so often you come across a company that makes you say, “now they know what they are doing, this is a company for the future,” and
iConcept Media is such a company. While many companies focus on what has worked in terms of marketing and branding in the past, iConcept Media looks towards what will work in the future, and how to revolutionize public relations in an entirely unique manner.

Full-service strategic marketing and communication are the words of the day when it comes to iConcept Media. They do everything they can, and then some to craft a brand of tactics and strategies that have been specifically crafted to be unique for each respective brand. There is no cookie cutter plan for iConcept Media, everything is done with thought and care, all in the name of raising a given brands place in the world.

Their aim is to nurture a consistent brand image and at the same time keeping sales at a maximum, something a successful marketing and public relations company should absolutely be after. Their many clients seem to always have one thing in common: an incredibly forward thinking game plan and well thought out, organized marketing system, specialities of iConcept Media.

A company with a wide set of skills, iConcept Media offers such services as PR, marketing, branding, event planning and production, graphic and web design, advertising and promotions, all with a focus on high end brands, emerging brands and the lifestyle sector. Their team of experts, especially those running the company, have an absolutely incredible amount of experience in the field of marketing.

iConcept Media is receiving wide acclaim as one of the fastest growing boutique agencies the world over with additional operations in the west coast and Europe, with more plannedfor the future.

iConcept Media Group is also more than just a marketing company, it is a multifaceted entity.Through its many organizations, charities, and digital platforms, iConcept Media has demonstrated experience in inspiring people young and old to follow their dreams. The agency provides the necessary tools and resources for those people to achieve their goals and contribute to society in a meaningful way.
iConcept Media demonstrates the same commitment to every one of its ventures, which constitute a wide range of genres and platforms. They include areas such as sports, fashion, politics, technology and just about everything else in between.

Developing Social Content – Where Social Media And Content Marketing Merge

Are you trying to successfully incorporate social content into your blog? Even experienced content marketers like 411 Locals face challenges and struggles when creating content that is meant to engage their audiences. The key factors behind successful sharing of social media content are those that make the art of developing social content. But how to create content that is both educational and touching the emotional side of your readers? Here are some innovative ideas about how to expand your content marketing strategy and make it work for your social media goals.

Customer Spotlights Work Better Than Long And Boring Case Studies

A good part of the content marketing gurus love to point out complicated case studies. In fact, this method of being persuasive has been used so often that it became more of a nuisance than an actual attention-grabbing tool. It is kind of hard to get involved when you see a wall of text that explains the step-by-step struggles of someone you’re not familiar with as a reader. So that’s why the customer spotlight can enrich the reader’s experience with the use of feedback and emotion. It is a more direct approach to prospects – to make them see what your happy customers have to say. With customer spotlights, you’re telling success stories coming directly from the source.

Interview Bloggers If You Have The Chance

Some of the most valuable followers are the ones that count as influencers. Their actual worth-base is more than tens of customers, in the long run. Someone who is well-known and respected will earn you more views, likes, comments and long-lasting engagement. The overall impression that your readers will gain is no less than positive. Interviewing a big name in the blogosphere will bring you on a whole new level, where you no longer communicate your thoughts one-sidedly. Approaching influential people takes time and requires skills like being tactful and on the other hand, loudly convincing when necessary.

Build Authority By Sharing Insights

It is a faster if somewhat less direct influcencer outreach. To put it simply, you need to create compilations of thoughts and ideas, already shared by top dogs. Moreover, linking to the source will add more page authority to your blog. You will be more trusted as a source of information – both to your audience and the search engines.

Input New Context To Already Known Information

Having the dogged determination to create new content at all cost can be a major drawback. One of the most important aspects of earning “eyeballs” is your ability to express a genuine point of view. And you don’t have to create new content for that. You only need to comment and analyze well enough to have your audience intrigued. So instead of rewriting well-known pieces of content, you can actually add more to an existing text. Your insights can make a tremendous change of opinion among those who read the original content.

Elegantly Extort Your Audience

Here is a tip that always works – the more engaged you look, the more interested your audience will be. With your timely responses to the appearing comments, you will inspire more comments. The more intensive discussions you get, the better chance you have to extract resources for surveys, topics, and new concepts. This is just one of the techniques used by 411Locals – it makes your audience both satisfied and contributing to the purpose of your blog and/or social media profile.

Take Your Hotels Digital Presence to The Next Level With a Digital Marketing Agency

High net worth marketing – what and why?

What’s an HNWI? Anyone know for sure?

This is the abbreviation used for ‘High Net Worth Individual’. Why is this important to your marketing? Most CMOs will tell you that the best way to blow away a target CPA number is to market to high net worth individuals, i.e. promote your wares in front of an audience who can instantly afford whatever it is your company does, not waiting for next pay check, not waiting for a business partner, just ‘I like it, so I’ll have it’. Not only this, but HNWIs have a habit of purchasing goods and services in multiples. This is usually music to the ears of most Sales Directors, ergo the Board.

HNWI definitions vary according to where in the world you happen to be. For example, Investopedia has it as:

“The most commonly quoted figure for membership in the high net worth “club” is $1 million in liquid financial assets.” 1

… whereas other countries have lower definitions, and some specialist agencies significantly higher.

In particular, one regulatory body defines high net worth for investment purposes as having an annual salary over £100,000.00 per annum, whereas an international high net worth agency may define this as high as £5M liquid assets, sterling.

To classic marketers the realm of high net worth marketing may seem like a mysterious target to reach. Many companies have tried and become disillusioned with trying to reach HNWs for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the size of the budgets necessary to achieve it as a standalone firm. Most approach it in the spirit of a customised B2C campaign, or even a B2B campaign if the targets also own significant businesses. However, these approaches have historically reaped minimal success if executed only once or twice.

Depending on your company’s offerings, most HNWs are highly likely to have an advisor, or even several advisors, with whom you must ‘pass muster’ before you will be allowed access directly to them. This can be frustrating for most sales forces, and, unsurprisingly, most sales forces give up due to the fact that they have more pressing targets to meet, thus contributing further to the HNW project challenges.

However, for those lucky to have good timing, or a well-known product and suitably attractive service, direct access can be gained and very quickly they discover what all HNWs have in common. They are all ‘time poor’. They will want to be convinced of your offering, although rarely have time to address it, and are much more likely to stack up a few good things with one of their trusted advisors and crash through them in an afternoon at the Dorchester. So we see also that knowing and cultivating their advisors is key.

You will also quickly discover the immense complexity of each HNWs set up in terms of tax, holding structures, estate planning, philanthropy and more. So be prepared. It might also be wise to have senior sales personnel assigned to these tasks, preferably from a background with which your target HNWs will be familiar. Likewise, it may be beneficial to have in your arsenal several possible offerings as during the cultivation phase of your fledgling relationships you will be uncovering actual needs from your HNW which you may be able to fulfil for them quickly and efficiently. Needless to say, personalised attention, and lots of it, is an absolute must, which leads us to the next challenge.

Time is money, and these approaches take up an inordinate amount of person-hours. If you are unable to commit these kinds of resources to your HNW project, you might consider also a high net worth marketing agency, of which there are surprisingly few, although one of two of them do actually deliver excellent results.
In addition, you may find that most HNWs are averse to risk, especially with the current global economic considerations. Once you have your first HNW client, it’s advisable to spend as much time on and with them as you are able. HNWs usually travel in the same circles, holiday in similar places, know a lot of the same people, and from this first account you may be able to segue others by way of referral. As we all know, word of mouth is the best marketing tool on the globe.

Furthermore, in the early stages of your new relationship with your first HNW you might want to consider taking every conceivable opportunity to demonstrate exclusivity, loyalty, and a willingness to always ‘go the extra mile’. Remember too that discretion is a big word in this space, so not the best of ideas to naturally assume your new HNW client might want to mingle with others, including other HNWs, for many reasons.

Ian Gordon, Head of Banks Research at Investec commented recently:

“In theory at least, your high net worth customer ought to be a source of new business account possibilities,”

“It is about making the whole worth more than the collective individual parts.”

That’s all very well you may think. But this still leaves most companies with the problem of how to start their active efforts in the high net worth marketing stakes. And how to get past the immense effort and number of person-hours required to get things moving properly.

John Winters, a Senior Director at SKS Media Singapore, a global high net worth marketing agency comments:

“We are familiar with the challenges facing most companies looking to enter or expand within the high net worth marketing space globally. It can indeed be daunting at first due to the immense efforts required, which is why many clients come to us to help get them started…..”

As an example, SKS Media have one of the largest high net worth databases on the globe which can be included in client campaigns for HNW attraction in a variety of sectors including luxury goods and services, asset and wealth management, private banking, real estate, and investor attraction for various top drawer offerings. Adding in to the digital efforts, SKS also have a sizeable ‘agent base’ globally who carry client offerings directly to their individual ‘black books’, thus generating interest through this direct one-on-one engagement, and various other channels designed to attract interest to a specific offerings. Digitally, these also include ‘Intellipost’, invented and invested by SKS in 2010 whereby client messaging is left if highly targeted areas of the web known to be fertile for a cause, often exploring new niches for which clients are unlikely to have resource e.g. polo, super yachts, golf, luxury cars, and certain types of financial instruments only ever used by HNWs and UHNWs. They also sport a sizeable HNW social network globally through which client messages can reach their HNW targets, and a HNW Partner Network to match. Interestingly, SKS also offer the PCN (‘Private Capital Network’), through which clients can receive direct referrals via ‘word of mouth’. Also offered are the TV, Radio, Outdoor, Events, PR and Partner Development areas as a full service advertising agency, albeit only in the HNW space.

But given the subject matter, what about the ‘personalised approach’?

Winters continues:

“Once significant interest is collected for a particular client, the strength at SKS is in the pre-qualification and individual ‘old school’ follow up we afford each potential new prospect for a client. In the HNW space this is both expected and prerequisite to any campaign. In this regard we are extremely ‘granular’, as this is proven to be a superior option for direct ROI to the client. Many clients prefer to use us as their ‘marketing/direct sales arm’ for the HNW space as we have been doing this so long now……”

So it may be of some reassurance that whether you are starting out in the HNW space, or looking for increased exposure and direct sales from this potentially lucrative area for your business, there is help at hand so that you don’t necessarily have to incur the enormous cost of doing it alone.

Either way, high net worth marketing is still extremely attractive for many reasons. In fact, it you are going to promote anything it is good common sense to put it in front of an audience who can instantly afford whatever it is, right?

On the internet Movie Marketing – Tips on how to Use YouTube Promoting

If you are a wise businessman who wants to earn earnings inside a shortest possible time, then using on the internet video marketing will assist you reach your dreams. Using a famous media outlet online will help your business be advertised and guaranteed easy money. Marketing professionals and businessmen prefer YouTube advertising as their doorstep towards profits.

Companies that based for the web want to communicate their product profile and advantages efficiently as fast as possible. Through well managed and designed video streaming, the effectiveness and influential ways of advertising goods on the internet is expected. Of course, it will not instantly sell your goods just putting a 5-minute video about your product but you can find diverse ways to have an effective on the web movie marketing method. Which is putting your video in your web site that have a big impact on whether it ever gets seen. One way is promoting via the YouTube.

As a marketing professional, YouTube’s much more than 20 million viewers are an enticing and a prospect target. Nowadays, online movie streaming could be the greatest way to market your merchandise because the web attention span of users is really short. If delivered making use of a major search engine search query, the viewer has extremely limited time and effort to feel good about the merchandise advertised depending on your own selling strategy, content and style if it is the factor they actually will need. You need to get the viewers’ interest through your visual interpretations.

First, choose what types of videos to produce. Depending on your goods, your videos ought to be interesting and updated to the latest trends. Then, take appealing YouTube videos. A movie introduction is just a welcome handshake for your possible customers. Win the confidence of the client by convincing them that your product or service is what they’re trying to find and your company is various from the others. Following is editing and enhancing the movie. Visual languages should be refined and picked up meticulously that’s founded already by televisions for years since your target audience differs from the normal television advertisement campaigns.

Adding slides, features or other enhancing look might attract possible viewers for your merchandise. But one point to think about – let the viewers know how lengthy the video will take. If the movie is extended, they may think that they’re wasting time watching a 30-minute video at the end. Make your video short yet concise. Full of info in a brief period of streaming but do not be carried away of making it as well short too. An additional on the internet video marketing strategy to consider is your video’s motion graphics, colors and fonts. Your video ought to show a reliable image of the company. Sounds are the following step to consider. Videos without sounds and music make advertisement dull and lifeless. Afterward, managing a movie blogs is your following factor to take into account. Via blogs as your YouTube marketing strategies, it is possible to see interested viewers posting or requesting on your item on how to avail. In that way, you are able to make revenues out of one’s YouTube videos. Make certain you give them the proper instructions to ensure that they can purchase the products in the hassle-free way. But you do not have to be contented only their but generate more useful and efficient YouTube videos that includes some profiles of successful businesses of yours and the goods.

Obtaining the viewers attention and money depends on your own marketing skills. You will earn success and income in this business world should you do the correct technique and technique about the way of the online video advertising.

Web LASIK Marketing Help

Most glasses and contact wearers have at some point considered what it’s like to have 20/20 vision. To be able to toss out their glasses or contacts. Can they find your LASIK Practice when they get online to search for a LASIK Surgeon nearby? This is when having the right LASIK Marketing strategy is of enormous value.

It doesn’t matter whether your practice is just getting started on the internet or you’ve been online for ages, there are a range of online LASIK marketing strategies that will help you meet up with people who are longing to be glasses and contacts free.

1. Sign Up For Online Listings

There are scores of internet listing services that web users turn to when looking for services in their area. The biggest sites for online LASIK marketing are:

Google Places
Yahoo Local

All are available at no charge and can greatly increase the chances of a patient locating your website, phone number and address. If your practice is already listed, claim the listing and fill out every bit of information you are able to. If your listing isn’t there, then get it in there! It’s especially crucial that you maintain the same, consistent information on all of the directories when working on Local Search Marketing.

2. Start A Blog!

A vital advancement in online LASIK marketing in the past few years is using blogging. Anybody can create and keep up a blog — it’s simple and free. The most popular blogging platform, WordPress, can be incorporated into an existing website or used on its own.

Blogging gives you a way to give future patients the main thing they are seeking online — good information. It’s a way to stir curiosity about your practice, bring more hits to your [practice’s site and get higher in Google searches.

3) Set up A Review Program

When potential surgery candidates start to look for an eye surgery specialist nearby, one key element in choosing can be what previous patients have said on review websites.

If you’re not aware of what kind of comments you’ve been getting on the web, you should learn. Most people are more likely to get online to write a bad comment rather than a good one, so now’s the time to begin prompting current and former patients to get on the web and share their positive stories! Offer incentives to those who give reviews — consider entering them into a drawing or giving out special coupons, for example.

4) Get Involved In Social Media

Social media sites aren’t just for kids; they have become a crucial device for developing and promoting companies. Any successful online LASIK marketing strategy should incorporate participating in the major social media websites, for example Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

These networks can accomplish quite a few things for eye surgeons.

Enable patients to easily write good testimonials.
Get your name spread to more prospective patients through friends or followers.
Get a message to a huge number of prospective patients to distribute information like promos, coupons, etc. promptly and easily.

5) Vary Your Practice’s Marketing Plan

The biggest strategy to remember online is this last bit of advice — don’t make use of just one marketing device.

Any and all of the previously mentioned devices are great for helping people find specialists for the services they need, but the tools achieve the optimum results when in concert with each other. They ought to unite for an overall online LASIK marketing strategy for the greatest possible effectiveness.

Guidelines on Getting the Right Online Marketing Firm

As an online marketer, your focus is always on getting a lot of traffic, and turning it into tangible returns. Sometimes the going gets tough, and you may contemplate hiring an online marketing firm to do the heavy lifting. It is advisable that you get the services of a firm that truly understands the ropes of digital marketing.

Particular Online Marketing Firm

Today’s virtual business landscape is teeming with millions of online marketing companies. It is imperative that you are able to find one that will not only handle your specific needs, but will also have the capacity to bring repeat customers. Virtual marketing firms are known to claim and entice entrepreneurs with believable gimmicks, which unfortunately sometimes they fail to deliver. Even when you have allocated a given budget and identified your needs, it is important that you keep up with trusted online marketers. Here’s how to get the right internet marketing company for your venture.

Flexible Business Image

Any prudent virtual marketer will always come with multiple packages. Since it is all about the competitive edge in a field packed with competition, the firm should be in a position to offer a variety of services. Whether yours is a small or a big company, a good internet marketing firm will always have reliable solutions for all your needs. The internet is the go-to arena for small businesses looking to expand. If you can enjoy customized services from an online marketer, it will be an added advantage.

The Strategy

Internet marketing requires innovative ways, so as to reach out to more clients in an effortless manner. It is wise to ponder over the said company’s marketing blueprint. If they are able to integrate innovations, such as social media tactics, and the right message for your target market, it can mean more returns. Marketing your online venture with mundane PR drives could result in losses in the long run. If anything, the modern customer is always looking to associate with novel platforms when shopping.

Transparent Pricing

The type of Online marketing strategies that you opt for will mostly be dictated by a budget. You will need to assess the amount which the firm is going for versus the type of services they will be offering. Once you get or request a quote from such a firm, it is always vital to do a comparative analysis against other marketers to come up with the best choice.

Exceptional Client Support

When you started your online venture, you probably visualized a smooth flow of business. Before you can entrust your investment with an online marketer, it is wise to know how reliable and accessible they are in the event of a problem. Remember to approve of their intended tactics or strategy. There is no point going for a firm that uses a complex, costly and ineffective marketing plan. If you need to make adjustments to your venture, such a firm should be in a position to accommodate change and do it quickly.


Since the online marketing process or SEO is quite demanding, you will need to verify the level of expertise that the company has. The firm in question should have tech savvy personnel, who are conversant with the latest trends and proficiency. If you do your research, you can end up with an online marketing firm that will boost your bank accounts.

Make Use Of Diversification To Benefit Your Internet Marketing Strategy

When implementing your opportunities surrounding internet marketing strategy, one of the most powerful lessons to follow is found with diversity. The internet is a huge network of businesses, informational sites, and entertainment outlets all fighting for the attention of online customers. When your company’s website marketing strategy focuses on one outlet of marketing you are creating a very slim window of opportunity which proves ineffective in the global atmosphere of the internet. When working with the prospect of accessing a global client base, it is vital that you use diversification in your internet marketing strategy to make sure that you’re using all of your income producing resources.

One instance of a valuable resource you can use is found with search engine optimization tools. Any regular user of the internet knows that the search engine represents one of the most powerful assets to an individual looking to find something online. With the use of keywords, an online client can use search engines to produce a list of related resources placed in the order of their search strength.

Four out of every five individuals who use online searches never go beyond the resources of the top seven listings. With search engine optimization tools a business could look into becoming one of those top 7 in searches relating to their business when they can establish a strong keyword base throughout their website, literary information, and marketing.

Target marketing is another form of diversification that refers more towards advertising. Target marketing has become one of the greatest advertising advancements provided in the online environment to assist internet marketing strategy. With this resource, a business can advertise directly to their clients and abandon the broad and blind methods of traditional marketing.

With the knowledge you possess on the clients you desire you can generate a website marketing strategy which would allow you to market directly to customers by posting ads on sites which are relevant to their interests. You can increase this internet marketing strategy by posting ads on websites that are relevant to your online business, tapping into a client market that has already been established.

A lot of thought and planning should go into the creation of any website marketing plan so as to maximize the diversification opportunity. Search engine optimization tools and target marketing strategies have lots to offer businesses and they only represent a small fraction of what is available. When you’re looking to compete in a market the size of the on-line environment to a global community, it is essential that you use the lessons of advertising diversification.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunity At Your Fingertip

There are many affiliate marketing opportunity and resources out there to help make you successful, but you need to make sure that there is a lot of valuable information in these resources. It is only through your affiliate marketing plan that you’re going to find the success that you need.

There are no startup costs with a home based affiliate business as long as you already have a computer and you can just fit the business around your schedule and do as little or as much of it as you want. It isn’t absolutely necessary to own a website in order to promote online affiliate programs, but it is recommended.

Finding an affiliate marketing opportunity that pays a residual income is another profitable idea. These programs may involve introducing your customers to an affiliate offering ‘subscription’ products, (ie: magazines, monthly ezines) where commissions are earned month after month.

The many benefits to promoting an affiliate marketing opportunity are as follows: 1. You do not need to have to own a product. Promoting online affiliate programs who do have products can result in great commissions.

2. No inventory to hold, no shipping to arrange, and no customer service issues you need to handle.

3. They enhance websites that are strictly ‘informational’ by adding wonderful products, varieties and of course – income streams!

4. You may promote as few or as many online affiliate programs you desire.

5. No handling of money. Affiliate merchants process all payments.

6. Generally there are NO costs when signing up for online affiliate programs.

7. Well established affiliate merchants often provide marketing information, attractive banners and free advertising support and occasionally, training pertinent to their products.

The most common affiliate program network in the market is “ClickBank.Com” where hundreds and thousands of products and business affiliate programs are ready for anybody to sell and promote everyday. Opportunities on making money quickly are just under our fingertips.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of today’s more efficient and accessible ways of advertising. As for global reach, it remains the most cost effective marketing strategy at your disposal. Some companies have phased out their more traditional marketing approaches such as Yellow pages, billboard, and cold calls in order to experience a more ‘instant gratification’ effect from their marketing efforts. Even the smallest of businesses have turned to Email marketing to help boost sales and revenue.

Email Marketing is Not Spam!

First off, when I refer to email marketing, I am not referring to spam. A proper email marketing campaign is targeted to people who want to hear about your products or services, typically, customers, prospective customers, or members if you work in an association. Email marketing is part of a marketing and communications function and should only be executed if you have the permission of your contacts of subscribers.

If you do not have properly developed list of contacts of people who have agreed to hear from you, and you go down the route of blasting out unsolicited emails, well, you’ve effectively let the world know that you don’t want any friends. If however you want to learn more about the right way to execute email marketing campaigns, then read on.

Getting Started

A good starting point is to get hold of an email software application that has the capability to distribute mass emails to a specified contact list, store demographic data, and track results of your campaigns. I’m partial to InSite Messages because it does everything you’d expect an email campaign system to do plus, it generates instant reports on pertinent information such as send rates, link-through rates and ties all your campaign data this back into contact information and message history.

InSite Messages was a heaven sent whenever I had to begin my marketing campaign for survey participation. We also used it to help bring in registrants for our Spring and Fall Conventions, product releases, publication sales and weekly newsletters to our members. The only thing to remember about blast emails is to be mindful to send meaningful information and not to inundate your customers’ inbox with emails containing unnecessary information.

Some Benefits


  • Won’t clog up your email server.
  • Cost effective and sometimes even FREE.
  • Outbound emails can be scheduled and sent automatically.
  • Comes with templates for professional look and feel.
  • Automated contact lists and subscription links.
  • Manage content or insert feeds as content.
  • Easy to read, up-to-the-minute reports.

Beyond the Basics

Beyond basic email marketing communications, many news services are now using email campaign management software to send news and bulletins to subscribers. A good email campaign management system will allow you to insert RSS feeds directly into the page that will be emailed to subscription lists. All you have to do is indicate what feeds you want included on your page. You can then schedule when the message or bulletin will be sent, and the feeds will be emailed on a single page to your subscribers.

Of course this works well if you have a list of subscribers. If you are using a tool like InSite Messages, you can manage contacts and subscribers and assign contacts to any number of lists. Once your contacts are in the system, you can easily set up unsubscribe links in the body of your messages. If a contact no longer wants to receive emails from you, they can simply click the unsubscribe button and the email campaign software will drop them from future mailings.

Below, I have outlined a quick summary of a few ways businesses and organizations are using email campaign software to communicate and market to their stakeholders.

Customer Newsletters & Bulletins: Enewsletters and bulletins are a great way to connect with customers on new programs, products, services and to communicate other important information about your organization.

Employee Newsletters & Bulletins: Internal communications is an important and often overlooked function. Email blasts to employees on new programs, initiatives, products and services can be a very effective way to communicate what is going on in your organization.

Email Marketing Campaigns: Email marketing campaigns are a great way to market new programs, products, services and communicate other important information to your customers.

News Services and Announcements: Email event notifications and announcements are also important to communicate to your customers and prospects.

Press & Media Releases: Public Relations companies have really picked up on email campaign software to streamline the design and distribution of professional press releases. With a click of a button media contacts can be notified immediately.

Whichever direction you decide to take your email marketing, you are sure to keep your customers in the loop and up-to-date on what is going on in your organization. And at the very least it proves you are alive and well and flowing with the ever-changing tides of technology.