Do Not Spam In Real Estate Marketing

Spam is not what people like. When people get mail that they do not like, they call it obviously JUNK MAIL. Everyone knows and hates junk mail. So when you ask someone what was in the mail and they say junk mail you already know that it was people just sending out advertisements and things you did not ask for.

When it comes to real estate there is also junk mail or what I call SPAM. Way to often I see real estate agents giving me their card or some postcard in the mail with their picture or something on it. The first thing I think of when I get this is “I did not ask for this”.

I often get this one real estate agents stuff in the mail on a consistent basis that I did not even ask for and it becomes really annoying. As I look at his advertising it just makes me think less of him as a business person because he is not following one the unsaid rules:

Only give things to people when they ask for it.

Please as a real estate agent do not go overboard with handing out what I call your advertisements. In other words you do not want to be a commercial on TV where people want to change the channel.

In email marketing, according to the CAN SPAM ACT of 2003, you can have one email that is an advertisement email that people did not ask for or sign up for. However you can not send more after that unless the person asks for more.

The same goes for business in general, however I see way to many real estate agents who are hungry for business and shove their services into many people’s faces. The goal is to have the people come to you not the other way around.

So do not send people who have not asked for your advertising cards, brochures, postcards, etc. People will get highly annoyed if you consistently throw stuff in their face.

You will become a much more effective real estate agent if you are on the good side of people, not the bad side. The best way to do this is to not SPAM them.

Online marketing

The Internet has dramatically changed the way business is conducted, and using online media is becoming increasingly critical to the success of business firms. The Internet and worldwide web are so pervasive that every company now has to use them—in some form or fashion. Many companies have decided to put these virtual tools in the vanguard of their marketing strategy. Online marketing is a great way to attract new customers and establish relationships with current ones; it can also help a company expand its geographic sales targets and increase its e-commerce activity. Choosing the right Online Marketing Agency is important to such success.

Business organizations will not survive the Internet era unless they adapt to the new realities of doing business. However, this does not mean that all of the principles of good practice should be thrown out. The truth is that despite the changes brought about by the Internet, online marketing is based on many of the same fundamentals that have always governed good business practice. Success in the Internet age is about learning the new rules of business while not giving up on the basic business principles. When one hears of an Internet start-up failing, it is usually because the business model had no chance of making a profit. While the Internet has become an indispensable tool in marketing, many business leaders and marketing managers do not yet understand how to integrate the Internet in their marketing strategy.

Developments in web-based technologies make it necessary to rethink how firms should conduct their business and market their products as this new technology affects all aspects of marketing. Marketing success depends on the extent of market orientation of the business. Companies that fail to take the customer point of view in designing their Web strategy have only a slim chance of succeeding.

Unfortunately, many firms use the Internet without considering how it fits within their marketing strategy. Many executives and lower level managers are so distracted by the possibilities of the worldwide web that they do not focus on its actualities. The web cannot be treated like some great new gadget; it must be viewed as part of the firm’s long-term marketing strategy and it should be integrated with all other means of formulating and implementing strategies in a way that conforms to the principles of a sound business strategy

An online marketing agency can help companies with email marketing, content writing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. An online marketing agency can ensure that marketing managers know what these activities are and how they can be used to foster new business. Not only that. A professional online marketing agency can assist firms with Internet-based marketing mix strategies and can even show executives how to establish and manage their brand online.

There are many benefits to using an online marketing agency. Finding the agency that is right for you begins with a search on the worldwide web. Scanning the web will bring you into contact with online marketing experts that can help you meet your business goals.