Choose Cologne

If you did choose your perfume or cologne based on the “sniff test” that you performed in the store on a variety of fragrances for sale, you may be surprised to learn that colognes and perfumes actually have three distinct scents. It is likely that you chose your fragrance based only on the first scent!

The initial sent is a sharp scent meant to be fresh and attention-getting. It is the first thing you smell within moments of applying your fragrance.

After a few moments, when the initial scent has evaporated, the main scent comes through. You probably don’t realize it because you are wearing it, but within 10 minutes to an hour of applying your perfume or cologne, the fragrance’s scent smooths out from the initial sharpness from the first sent and it this “heart” scent tends to give the biggest impression.

After the main scent, or “heart” scent, has evaporated, the remaining scent is called the base note. This third scent is a subtle, lingering scent and is usually much richer or deeper than the initial scent.

So the next time you go to buy perfume or cologne, find a couple that you like and spray them on the available cards. Then bring the cards with you as you leave the store! Once the initial scent has evaporated, you’ll be able to smell the smoother fragrances that belong to the “heart” of the cologne or perfume, which will help you form a wiser buying decision.

Buying cologne can be a lot of fun, but can also be an overwhelming experience with the amount of products available. Buying on first impressions alone is not a bad idea, since you have to smell yourself! But eventually, other people will have to smell you as well, so buying a cologne or perfume based on the “heart” of the fragrance will help you know how others will perceive your scent.